Health Assessors (GMC3754)

Health Assessors

Health Examiners

£515 per report and examination + £325 for training & induction days

Medical Supervisors

£315 per report + £325 for training & induction days

If you’re a practising consultant in the field of psychiatry this highly respected role in healthcare offers you the opportunity to make a major impact on patient safety. Enjoying the flexibility to meet your current commitments, you’ll help maintain a high standard of patient care.

We work with doctors, patients, and other stakeholders to support good, safe patient care across the UK. We set the standards doctors and those who train them need to meet, and help them achieve them. If there are concerns these standards may not be met or that public confidence in doctors may be at risk, we can investigate, and take action if needed.

When it’s identified that a doctor may be unwell and their ill health may be impacting on their ability to practise safely, you’ll assess their health and write a report, giving your opinion on their fitness to practise. You’ll also monitor their health and progress during periods of restricted practice, keeping in touch, meeting with them every 12 weeks and producing reports every three to six months. This responsible role may involve giving evidence about your reports at Medical Practitioner Tribunals.

As a credible authority in your field, you are fully registered with a current licence to practice having had patient contact in the last three years. You must be a consultant in general adult psychiatry, substance disorder/addictions psychiatry, old age psychiatry, neuropsychiatry, neurology or occupational health medicine. A good analytical mind is essential, as you’ll assess lots of information about an individual’s health and performance.

We appreciate that you currently have commitments outside of GMC and want to remain at the forefront of your field. However, we’ll expect you to write a minimum of four health assessment reports and to supervise at least two doctors a year. We’ll reward you with £515 for each report and pay you £325 for attendance at training days. We’ll also reimburse your travel and subsistence expenses.

A registered charity, we value diversity and inclusion because our differences make us stronger. So, our processes are fair, objective, transparent and free from discrimination.

If your passion, credibility and psychiatry knowledge can help to make the health industry safer for patients, please apply here

Fitness to Practise
United Kingdom
Fixed Term
Closing date
27 December 2024 at 11:59pm. Late applications will not be accepted
Assessment date
We will run inductions throughout 2024.
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