Our staff networks

We have six staff networks representing the diversity of our workforce. 

Our staff networks allow staff to collaborate, share experiences and support each other. These networks are really important to us. They provide support for staff and are also a source of expertise, informing our work as a regulator and employer.

You can find out more about our staff networks below.

BME Network

Promote the interests of BME colleagues and help create a culture in which BME staff are heard, and can participate, progress and fulfil their potential

LGBTQ+ Network

The network provides a forum for informal networking, information sharing and supporting staff to be who they are at work should they want to be out at work. The network aims to help make the GMC/MPTS a working environment that encourages a culture of respect for everyone regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity.

Mental Health Network

To share lived experiences to normalise talking openly about mental health. We also work with ED&I, HR and Facilities to make sure the GMC is a great workplace who supports managers and staff and their mental health.

Muslim Network

A support group and platform to raise any issues. Our main aim for this network is raising positive awareness, providing a supportive network for members and a bonus of raising money for charity where we can.  

Parents and Carers' Network

To identify, promote and raise awareness of matters facing parents and carers to enable all GMC’s employees to be the best they can be. 

Women’s Network 

An official place where women can come together, share their knowledge and experiences, take part in activities and be part of a supportive and vibrant network.

Disability Network

We seek to promote the interests of disabled colleagues in our workplace whilst also contributing to an active culture of understanding and awareness across the organisation. The forum is open to everyone, whether you are a colleague with a disability, or a parent, carer, friend or family member of someone with a disability, or just have an interest in topics around disability