Staff Profiles

Meet our staff

Please see below profiles of several members of GMC staff, which provide a flavour of working in the organisation.

Richard, Investigation Officer

"Although Im new to the role its already become one of the most interesting positions Ive held, due mainly to the ever changing nature of the work I do. One moment I could be talking to a patient, the next Im writing to a renowned medical expert. The GMC is an incredibly supportive workplace too, and the opportunity to utilise my skills and expertise is extremely rewarding. Learning and development support is ever-present and the atmosphere in and around the office is both friendly and collaborative.

Louise, Tribunal Development Assistant

"I find my work really interesting as Im exposed to a wide variety of tasks relating to the recruitment, training and performance management of Tribunal Chairs, Tribunal Members and Legal Assessors. I have met some fantastic people through my work at the GMC and made some lifelong friends. The GMC have always supported me with my career and development, offering a wide variety of training and opportunities in all parts of the organisation. Its great to feel valued by my employer and I look forward to a long career at the GMC.

Madeline, Solicitor, GMC Legal Services

I am a Legal Adviser in the Fitness to Practise Directorate. Before this I was a criminal defence solicitor. I used to think that health care regulation work might not offer as much interest and diversity as criminal work, but this is not the case at all. The cases I work on are varied, covering a wide range of legal issues. This keeps me interested and busy".

Im part of such a friendly supportive team who are always happy to offer the benefit of their knowledge and experience.

Hayley, Senior Contact Centre Adviser

We respond to calls and emails from anyone who wants to get in touch with the GMC as a front line option, about a wide range of information and services. The contact we get can be from doctors, NHS organisations and members of the public. This makes the job varied and very interesting".

You never know what queries you are going to get and for me this is the beauty of my role. I really enjoy helping people and this is why I like working for the GMC. I may offer advice to a doctor about our standards, helping them offer the best practice to their patients, or to a member of the public to help them get their concerns about a doctor considered by us.

Simon, Applications Adviser

I work in the International Applications team. We process registration applications from doctors with overseas qualifications. My job brings me into contact with people from all over the world. Ive learned things about other cultures as well as the way our own regulatory frameworks are set up".

I have a measure of flexibility in my working hours and a good work life balance. The GMC has a positive work culture and engages with its staff regularly. I work with a great team who work well together.