LGBTQ+ Network


LGBTQ+ Network

The network is run by GMC/MPTS staff, and is open to all staff that identify as LGBT or have an interest in sexual orientation or gender identity.

The network provides a forum for informal networking, information sharing and supporting staff to be who they are at work should they want to be out at work. The network aims to help make the GMC/MPTS a working environment that encourages a culture of respect for everyone regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity.

Some of the activities of the network include:

  • Organising and taking part in PRIDE parades.
  • Organising guest speakers to come and address the network on LGBT and non LGBT issues.
  • Reviewing and inputting into decisions that affect staff at the GMC/MPTS.
  • Creating an informal environment for LGBT staff to discuss internal and external LGBT issues.
  • Working with other healthcare regulators and other organisations’ LGBT networks to share learning and common interests.
  • Organising a Christmas and social get togethers for all staff who have an interest in the work of the network

The network respects that not everyone wants to disclose their LGBT status at work and therefore the network has adopted a confidentiality clause to allow staff to get involved with activities whilst protecting their status as an LGBT individual.

The GMC/MPTS strive to be a great place to work for individuals of all backgrounds. As part of our work to continually improve our working environment for staff we participate in a number of diversity benchmarks. These help us to develop some unique insights into the perceptions of different groups of staff.


Stonewall logo

As a member of Stonewall's Diversity Champions Programme, we participate in the Stonewall Equality Index which helps us to assess how we are performing as an LGBT employer.

We work with Stonewall and use their expertise to develop and improve our working environment across all areas for LGBT staff. We also take part in Stonewalls LGBT role models and allies’ programmes. The programmes give staff training and support which allows LGBT staff to ‘step up’ as role models within the workplace and allies who have an interest in advancing fair treatment for all both colleagues and customers by supporting LGBT staff to allow them to be themselves at work.